****SUPPORT FOR 2021****

Since there has been many changes and unknowns this past year due to covid, there will be a major and simple change to the format of the Cruise for Your Cause event. While it is still vital to support our favorite and unique local and national charities, the goal for support during the 10th annual event is to support our local food banks within the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley communities. We will be following a drive-by and drop-off format for 2021 where we will have 10 food banks that we simply drive-in and drop-off our donations without having to leave our vehicles. In and out and then move on to the next food bank according to the assigned timeslots that will be provided in an email to all registered participants. 



(support for 2011-2020 events)

What makes this event different than the rest is that you choose to support the cause of your choice! If you have a cause that you feel compelled to give to, please give. And then come for a drive to showcase your ride and your cause. Let’s raise awareness for the people who are special and have had an impact in our lives!

The charity that has played a very important role in my families life, and especially my dads, has been:

The Kidney Foundation of Canada - The Kidney Foundation of Canada takes a leadership role in advocating for policies and programs to meet the needs of people living with chronic renal insufficiency.

If it wasn't for the kidney transplant and dialysis support and research, my dad would have left this earth years earlier.

The BC Kidney Foundation is continuing their support of Cruise for Your Cause. They have realized the good that can come from this event and are happy to acknowledge the Cruise as a third-party event. Partial proceeds from this event will go a long way to help support the Foundation’s many initiatives, programs and services which help persons living with kidney disease. For most people living with chronic kidney disease, transplantation is the best and most effective treatment option. Current statistics show that while 85% of British Columbians are in favor of organ donation – only 18% have done so. The Kidney Foundation has made it a priority to help close the gap on organ donation registration.