Automobiles have been of great interest in our family for years. This love of cars has encompassed racing different circuits including dirt oval, ¼ mile drags and autocross. Chevelle’s and Willy’s to VW’s and Merc trucks have all been a part of the vast selection of vehicles admired. The love has been passed along through the generations and will not fade in the forseeable future.

My dad, rest his soul, has been the main contributing factor to this love affair. Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Larry eventually found his way to central Alberta where he started his family and continued his automotive passion. He was a proud father, loving husband and devoted friend. He volunteered much of his time to help others for 30 years as a volunteer firefighter in the Millet Fire Department, all the while fighting his own health battles. Using the car hobby to divert much of the pain and discomfort throughout 28 years of struggling with kidney disease and undiagnosed conditions, he never lost hope throughout all he endured and continued to fight until the end. It’s certain that he wasn’t alone.

There are many people in this world who struggle everyday in one form or another. Each struggle is unique and special in its own right. This event is intended to address that uniqueness by gathering a group of people with a common interest who can provide to their own special cause, making a difference for someone special.

This event is a memorial Cruise for my family to personally remember my dad. However, I know there are many other people out there who have lost someone special or who may be currently struggling with any variety of issues, and would maybe like to keep the memory alive as well. This event provides an opportunity for anyone who may wish to remember and support a loved one, to dust off the winter cobwebs of a special or unique ride and start off the driving season with a purpose and a chance at making a difference in someone else's life by doing something that we all personally drive!!

The purpose behind this Cruise however is to showcase and highlight the many diverse and special needs that make up our community and needs abroad. There is no one organization that can save the world, as much as we all would love for that to happen. We all have a different story and I would like for all of us to share that story. This event offers up the opportunity for us as a car community, to show everyone that we can, and will, support the needs of those around us by donating to a cause that you feel compelled to give to. And then bring out your car, truck, bike or anything with a motor and wheels, and let's go for a Cruise to share our stories and remember those special people around us.